Inktober 2016

Inktober has been a challenge for me this year in terms of trying to limit my creative time so that I can actually get my “real” work done. But it has been fruitful in the improvement of my work and my own personal critiquing of my art. All of my inktober drawings are posted on my instagram but I may add some to the gallery page to show my progress. Continuing he drawings near he end of the month will be challenging for me since I live for fall and the month of October specifically, Halloween is my jam! So I tend to be more social and I leave the house more often than usual (reducing the amount of time I spend on work of any kind). Anyways I encourage artists and non artists (everyone has the potential to be creative and artistic despite what you may say about your skills) alike to participate in inktober, it’s a great way to improve and practice your skills! Also if you’re experiencing artists’ block there are tons of prompts on the official inktober website